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You got emergency damage of mold growth or water damage?

One call – and it will be our
problem! Not yours! Mold removal should always be done by professionals. We put knowledge at the forefront of our company to ensure safety of the home and for people and best possible results. With over 7 years in the restoration, cleaning, and abatement industry coupled with a team of specialists and very caring and compassionate individuals who are dedicated to being the best. When doing assessment on a mold contamination situation, a typical first step is the visual inspection of the home as well as the suspected areas of growth. We look for visible mold staining, as well as the source of the water that would be feeding the mold. We also look on the outside of your home for sources of intrusion, improper grading. We will take moisture readings, particle counts, barometric and psychometric readings as well if Asbestos is present it would also be noted and dealt with during the remediation process.

If the situation requires we can also do swab tests and have a 3rd party air sampling taken so that the level of mold spores as well as the family of mold can be determined. Following the remediation clearance testing could also be performed. Our company uses engineering controls such as controlled demolition, dustless tools and negative air during the removal stage of mold abatement. After the emergency remediation is done, rebuilding services are available through our recommended general contractors or you are also free to use whomever you choose. And you can be sure that after our company you will have no problems with mold at all! We are champions in this league!



If your home or business needs a professional mold inspection, it is important to act quickly in order to avoid health risks. Roughly 60 to 120 common varieties of indoor mold can create health problems if left untreated. A free mold Inspection is important before paying for lab testing.


If you will need to remediate mold the best thing what you can do is to hire a professional remediation service and mold removal. First what you will need to do for your home is to be inspected.


Crawl spaces are shallow areas in between houses and the ground which they sit atop. Acting as a permanent foundation, crawl spaces can vary greatly in size and makeup.


We offer a complete service for the collection, recycling, recovery, treatment, and final disposal of hazardous waste. Our equipment includes containers, tins, cylinders, drums, pallets and small and medium vans for small volume hazardous waste collections. Stop worrying about the health effects that these hazardous and toxic materials can have on your children and pets.

Zero Mold offers commercial and residential mold removal services; no job is too big or too little. In case you’ve discovered mold in your attic, basement, bathroom, or even crawl space – our team of specialists can help! Without professional mold removal, the damage will expand and mold spreads and could cause structural damage to a property or create health problems to individuals. Contact us for restoration and instant mold remediation at the Los Angeles region.

Mold spores grow quick and spread. Most mold difficulties stem from water leaks or moisture build-up in hot climates, mold may be dangerous when disturbed and exposed to the air. It requires a genuine professional like Zero Mold to successfully evaluate the problem, remove the mold based on EPA standards and revive it back to normal.

Mold is found in bathroom and in under toilet sinks Windows, around water pipes, in crawl spaces and basements, attics and much more. When you’ve tried to dispose of mold on your own, you probably know it can and will return unless the source is determined by you and how to block it from coming back. Our technicians may see to the region to ensure you won’t have any potential issues and can give you advice about how best to prevent mold.

Our mold removal procedure Is quite meticulous, and we take great pride and care in doing the best job for you that we can. We are a professionally trained team of experts with many years’ expertise and experience within the field.


"My basement had mold that needed to be removed as soon as possible; I didn’t have a clue who to call so I googled, and Zero Mold came up. I gave them a call and they arrived at my house the same day and gave me a free estimate. The mold was noticeable and so walls needed to be opened and mold eliminated. They brought professional machines, and cleaned it out in a couple days, dried it up and patched up the holes with new drywall. I was pleased with the job they did and would hire them again if I ever (hopefully not) have mold. "


"Recently I noticed there were some dark spots around my shower drain and wasn’t sure what it was. I hired a plumber and he confirmed he thought it was mold. He recommended Zero Mold and I gave them a call, they came to my house the same day a few hours later. They cut out wherever they found mold, and then repaired the area around the drain. They needed to go and get some new tile to match the surrounding area, but that wasn’t an issue. It was repaired and inspected for another growth of mold, but they could not find anything. The technician said to call them if I found any other mold anywhere, I’m very pleased with the service provided, thanks."


"They were fast and thorough in surveying the job, defining the scope of work, and providing a very helpful and detailed quote supported by numerous annotated reference photos. They were attentive and very responsive throughout the project. Explaining to me why something cost what it cost and why they did what they did. I was pleasantly surprised because you’re not exactly sure of what to expect from some businesses, but you can definitely trust these guys to do honest work. They removed the mold, extracted all moisture, cleaned it up and repaired the drywall. They took all their machines and materials to make sure it looked as it did before, very pleased. "



Zero Mold

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