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It’s important not to wait when you encounter mold damage in any property. You need experts to dispose of and completely clean the area. Drywall may need to be eliminated and replaced, or rugs and flooring as well; this is where we come in.

We’re the experts in treatment and the mold of its diagnosis; with multiple trained and educated mold professionals. There are different types of molds, less dangerous than many others, toxicity and seriousness of the issue on your house will decide the course of actions we take.

We can handle any job, do not hesitate because mold if left untreated can eventually become hazardous and poisonous for you and your family’s health. We use modern machines needed to completely eradicate any trace, big or small. Our owner has over 15 years’ experience in the field and our customer support is our focus as our reviews indicate; we will work on concerns or any queries you might have with you to keep you completely satisfied.


Since most everything in your home is prone to mold growth, places and surfaces must be consistently washed. Mold spores can be inside or outside of your home. Mold is a fungus, a large diverse number of fungal species that can be colored in appearance or fuzzy, especially on food. Our main concern is household mold because it can affect your health and hides in secluded areas. Moist areas in your home offer a prime location for spores to grow. Spore emission spreads mold and its mold particles are one cell in dimension. This a problem that needs to be addressed; darkened places are the first areas we must look for mold growth. You can eliminate the possibility, by eliminating leaks into your house. This may be a leak in your pipes, on the roof and in your kitchen and bathroom should not accumulate moisture. It’s also possible to see or smell a mold issue.

The mold spores usually resemble dark colored mucous spots that can increase in dimension. A musty odor is the first indication of an issue. Mold grows there is moisture. You’ll be able to discover the areas affected after checking places, walls and behind the cabinets.

Our company can put in mold moldings to seal the area. Mold can also form around air conditioners, shower stalls, bath tiles, shower curtains, refrigerator doors and sometimes windows after prolonged rain.


"My basement had mold that needed to be removed as soon as possible; I didn’t have a clue who to call so I googled, and Zero Mold came up. I gave them a call and they arrived at my house the same day and gave me a free estimate. The mold was noticeable and so walls needed to be opened and mold eliminated. They brought professional machines, and cleaned it out in a couple days, dried it up and patched up the holes with new drywall. I was pleased with the job they did and would hire them again if I ever (hopefully not) have mold. "
Alonzo Barlow
"Recently I noticed there were some dark spots around my shower drain and wasn’t sure what it was. I hired a plumber and he confirmed he thought it was mold. He recommended Zero Mold and I gave them a call, they came to my house the same day a few hours later. They cut out wherever they found mold, and then repaired the area around the drain. They needed to go and get some new tile to match the surrounding area, but that wasn’t an issue. It was repaired and inspected for another growth of mold, but they could not find anything. The technician said to call them if I found any other mold anywhere, I’m very pleased with the service provided, thanks. "
Allie Jeffcoat
"They were fast and thorough in surveying the job, defining the scope of work, and providing a very helpful and detailed quote supported by numerous annotated reference photos. They were attentive and very responsive throughout the project. Explaining to me why something cost what it cost and why they did what they did. I was pleasantly surprised because you’re not exactly sure of what to expect from some businesses, but you can definitely trust these guys to do honest work. They removed the mold, extracted all moisture, cleaned it up and repaired the drywall. They took all their machines and materials to make sure it looked as it did before, very pleased. "
Davey Crosby

15+ Years in the Industry! No One Better!
We will give you some day estimates based on our thorough examination.